About me

photoThe fact is – I am drawing. I have been drawing from not so long, since about 2003. But I have never studied anywhere and I have no any kind of skills which is called academic basics of painting, no any art school. In a word, nothing but the fact that I am drawing.
At first it used to be a good leisure time when I used to paint being absorbed in what was coming from my inner world. I was drawing for my dearest people. By and by these people began to believe that I was an artist. So did I. And the idea of exhibition was more and more coming to me so as to know other people’s opinion about my works.
I love the phrase, “If you can live without painting – do not paint!”. And I do not. Frankly speaking, all this time these pictures have been drawing not by me. It was something inside me which made me paint. After finishing the work a day later I could not believe myself that I had made it.
This website is created as an attempt to look at my art from another angle. This wish lacks any passion or pride. It is a live interest, and opportunity to see another person in myself – a little boy who creates his drawings with the help of his primitive natural power.