The portrait of Benedict.

The portrait of Benedict.

Pen, watercolor pencils, paper. February 2008.

You know, I used to be surprised! Surprised by everything that is happening around me, but a special impression on me have people that somehow God is driving me together. These are people who are close, family, my friends. Frequents the feeling that I myself am all of them, absorb their emotions and even intonation. Without those around me friends, kindred spirits, from myself remains something very, very not interesting. That’s why I have a lot of pictures that appear on the light thanks to someone. I dedicated this work to our family friend – Benedict. We met at my father’s friends in 2008 and since then has not cease to communicate. There are people, after a meeting that occurs between you invisible bond, it stretches all my life, binds and unites you. It is this feeling I experienced the first time I saw Benedict. She is amazingly beautiful, wise woman with a restrained German character, but She has a big, kind heart and a Russian soul! Dear Kika, this picture of you, I’m sure more than once will come back to your image!

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